Yummy Sarawak Kolo mee

Ok! My first post! And I have to be bias! Cause I’ve been patronizing this stall for years! There was once I’m like eating this noodle everyday.. Well at least 5 days a week..! Haha
Ok! Let’s start!
If u guys are expecting authentic Sarawak kolo mee, then this is not .. To be frank, I’ve never eaten from Sarawak, so I wouldn’t know.. But my friend told me that this is far from authentic.. Anyway…
This kolo mee is really localize! It comes across as a wanton mee infuse with Maggie mee! But let me tell u.. When u taste, it’s really unique.. It’s not wanton mee, n it’s certainly not Maggie mee.. There’s this after taste, which I feel that stands out.. I usually opt for the pork broth black sauce egg In lieu of the pork rip.. Cos I’m a egg lover! Yup! The char Siew is normal.. But the wanton n dumpling is good! U can taste the chest nut in the dumpling n feel the pork meat in the wanton.. The noodles is the highlight.. It’s really something out of the norm .. It’s is Q! N springy.. every bite u can feel the seasoning n the sauce that they put n mixed with the noodles!I would recommend this any time.. But unfortunately , this is a acquired taste .. If Ure hoping to try like a wonton mee, then this is not for you.. If Ure hoping to try a Sarawak kolo mee, then it’s not for you too.. But.. If Ure hoping to try something different with a nice salty after taste, then this is the one.. I usually recommend not having the auntie to ‘lum the black sauce all over’ but make your own call.. Some pple like it with black sauce all over n some not.. So mix n match! But let me warn u.. The queue could be long.. They are generally slow.. But probably they focus on presentation n taste..so u have to give and take..

Do give it a try! order the $5! ull be more than full!

Taste 8.5/10 bias points plus on form days!! 

7/10 on its off form days

Add: 137 Tampines street 11 (tampines round market) S(521137)

6am to 3pm! daily! 


$5 set meal!  


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