Sabar Menanti 2

Ok! Good afternoon folks! Lunch time! Feeling damn hungry.. Woke up with a heavy urge to unload in the toilet bowl! After doing so… My mind was desperate, needy, hopeless! After finally recovering from a week thanks to a giant ulcer.. I was ready! To give the satisfaction I was craving! And so….

NASI PADANG!                                                   

I wanted a good one.. Not just those readily available at your hawker center downstairs or food court! But a good old fashion authentic nasi Padang! First thing that come in mind was Sabar Menanti 2!  Not to be confused, there is Sabar Menanti and there is Sabar Menanti 2! I chose the latter simply because of the ayam redang! (Ayam = chicken)   This is one of the best ayam redang I ever tasted! I can’t really pin point the taste.. But it’s a mix of like redang, and satay sauce.. It’s almost like they are infuse! Taste is more on the salty side.. But it’s balance out by the sweetness of the coconut and after taste of the spices! Chicken was probably pre-fried before hand.. Nonetheless, the chicken is tender and require little effort to break into.. I’ll usually get the recommendation is to ask for more gravy! Then spread all over the rice! U can even drink the gravy on its own.. I usually do that after everyone is done with their meal.. And they will all stare at me and say.. Don’t take too much.. High cholesterol.. ! Haha but I have to! It’s the ultimate reward after a week from having a giant ulcer!   

  Ayam redang 

I order the curry chicken which was very good too! Very lemak! But it’s not exactly spicy.. Low level spicy range.. Great for beginners.. Tasty, lemak, which again balance out the saltyness.. Order this if the chicken redang is not available.. Or order along side!  

 Chicken curry 

Next I try was the korma! This was I feel abit plain.. Lighter, somewhat abit diluted.. Would probably prefer a more thick gravy and solid ‘overtaste’! It’s probably good on its own, but after eating the heavier more strong taste items, this is somewhat forgettable.. It’s still a good chicken korma.. Good for non spicy eaters.. Kids too will probably love..  Go ahead and try this if it’s just for the sake of variety or for the kids.. Otherwise, stick to the two above..! 

  Ayam korma

Overall , one of the better nasi Padang I’ve tried.. To me, everything was tasty.. I have no complaints.. The queue wasn’t as crazy too.. Do pay a visit and try it for yourself.. I believe you will be as satisfied as I am! 

Taste 8/10

Add: 747 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198715 

6am to 5pm


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