Omakase Burger

Some say that this is the best burger in Singapore,

Well.. I have to agree!

I remember those times when I use to patronize my favorite fast food joint..Macdonalds, BK, A&W..

Double cheeseburger/quarter pounder from macs! Whopper/mushroom Swiss from BK, big papa burger from ANW! 

Then I stop, cause I wasn’t getting younger.. It didn’t help that process food is bad for you..Plus I became a local boy.. Taste buds begun to open up to local food.. Sweet sour spicy!

But the grave for burger still kicks in from time to time.. Now, no more fast food.! But gourmet  burger! I tried a few, but none really gave me the taste I was looking for.. They were good but they didn’t have the fast food feel.. The feel of the patty, sauce , cheese all infuse into one.. That was till I ate at..


  Omakase cheeseburger

Upon first bite, you can feel the juice spilling into your mouth, the flavor of the beef just sinks in.. The moist, the tenderness, the flavor all Come in together! The burger is operating like how it should! As one! 3-4 different catogory of food all unite as one!

I was very please! It brought back memories of the fast food days, only this is better!  The beef, the cheese, the sauce n the buns! I usually order medium well and I dip my burgers into ketchup.. Tats jus a habit for me.. But eat it on its own.. That way you can feel the beef! The aftertaste, oh my!  It really feels like those Wagyu yakiniku!

 Omakase cheeseburger with fries

Sides are available too.. Fries, cheesy fries, onions rings and more.. They are all good.. Kinda remind me of freshness from Japan.. But I would say this is better!

At $14.90 some might say it’s too small. I have to agree but.. I think it’s just nice for the casual eater.. You won’t feel ‘chilak’ you might think of ordering another one, but just eat the sides.. You’ll be fine.. 

 Deluxe cheeseburger 

Try the other burgers on the menu too.. They are all awesome.. The deluxe cheeseburger have onions and mushroom.

  Ultimate cheeseburger

While the ultimate cheeseburger has onions, mushroom and bacon.! Top it up with cheesy fries!

All in all, I really feel it’s the best burger I’ve tried so far in Singapore.. If you are looking for those giant burgers with stacks of beef, bacon, onions, eggs and stuff, then you might want to skip.. 

But if you’re looking for a simple no frills cheeseburger..then come to omakase..

Taste 10/10

435 Orchard Road, #01-02/03/37 to 41, Wisma Atria, Singapore 238877


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