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Omakase Burger

Some say that this is the best burger in Singapore,

Well.. I have to agree!

I remember those times when I use to patronize my favorite fast food joint..Macdonalds, BK, A&W..

Double cheeseburger/quarter pounder from macs! Whopper/mushroom Swiss from BK, big papa burger from ANW! 

Then I stop, cause I wasn’t getting younger.. It didn’t help that process food is bad for you..Plus I became a local boy.. Taste buds begun to open up to local food.. Sweet sour spicy!

But the grave for burger still kicks in from time to time.. Now, no more fast food.! But gourmet  burger! I tried a few, but none really gave me the taste I was looking for.. They were good but they didn’t have the fast food feel.. The feel of the patty, sauce , cheese all infuse into one.. That was till I ate at..


  Omakase cheeseburger

Upon first bite, you can feel the juice spilling into your mouth, the flavor of the beef just sinks in.. The moist, the tenderness, the flavor all Come in together! The burger is operating like how it should! As one! 3-4 different catogory of food all unite as one!

I was very please! It brought back memories of the fast food days, only this is better!  The beef, the cheese, the sauce n the buns! I usually order medium well and I dip my burgers into ketchup.. Tats jus a habit for me.. But eat it on its own.. That way you can feel the beef! The aftertaste, oh my!  It really feels like those Wagyu yakiniku!

 Omakase cheeseburger with fries

Sides are available too.. Fries, cheesy fries, onions rings and more.. They are all good.. Kinda remind me of freshness from Japan.. But I would say this is better!

At $14.90 some might say it’s too small. I have to agree but.. I think it’s just nice for the casual eater.. You won’t feel ‘chilak’ you might think of ordering another one, but just eat the sides.. You’ll be fine.. 

 Deluxe cheeseburger 

Try the other burgers on the menu too.. They are all awesome.. The deluxe cheeseburger have onions and mushroom.

  Ultimate cheeseburger

While the ultimate cheeseburger has onions, mushroom and bacon.! Top it up with cheesy fries!

All in all, I really feel it’s the best burger I’ve tried so far in Singapore.. If you are looking for those giant burgers with stacks of beef, bacon, onions, eggs and stuff, then you might want to skip.. 

But if you’re looking for a simple no frills cheeseburger..then come to omakase..

Taste 10/10

435 Orchard Road, #01-02/03/37 to 41, Wisma Atria, Singapore 238877


Curry and Curry

Went to this very complicated hougang town today.. I could have sworn I remember how to go but somehow I forgot..  After trying to trace back how I came the first time, I finally succeeded! 

This eatery is a small n cosy shop.. It’s kinda like a restaurant but there are seats in the open too.. More seats are in the air con area..

We proceed to order their ‘speciality’ Fish head curry.. There are 2 sizes , $22 and $24 . I suppose it’s medium and large.. Haha.. But the waiter told us that only the large one is available due to low demand of the smaller one..  We waited about 10mins and…. Here it is!  

 Fish head curry

The waiter remove the claypot holder n left the sizzling hot pot on the table.. We waited with high anticipation as he served the rice to us! 

First and foremost, before anything, I will sip the curry.. I wanna make sure it’s sour, fragrant and spicy..upon first sip! Yes! It is.. Tasted good! Warm, sour, sweet and fragrant! But it’s not really spicy.. And its slighty thick overall with a powdery feel.. After pouring the gravy on the rice, I proceed to remove the flash of the fish .. The meat is not easy to find, somehow it’s buried in the pot in the thick curry..after tasting the meat, it’s was ok.. Not the best.. But still tasted good.. Quite fresh I would reckoned as there isn’t any fishy smell..  

 Sizzling hot fish head curry

Besides the fish, there is also tao pok.. Which I find it quite unusual but it didn’t affect the taste.. Egg plants and ladyfingers.. 

All in all, the meal was decent but I could have tasted better ones before.. The curry was good.. But maybe too thick and the powdery feeling might not be enjoyable for everyone but I think it was the highlight .. More so than the quality of the meat.. 

As for the fish, although the waiter said it was the large size, it was only half.. One side of the meat wise, not that there’s a lot.. U have to eat with a small eater to really indulge..

 Fu yong egg

The egg was pleasantly tasty.. Fluffy and eggy.. I like the egg.. It can’t match a Thai fried mince pork omelette  but it’s good in its own u can taste the bits of vege n meat inside..

  Kai lan 

The Kai lan was a bit of a let down, as the small shrimps seem to over power the taste.. If u like it, then it’s fine.. But personally I  feel abit ‘chow chor’ 

img_5562Beef rendang 
I remembered I order the beef rendang the previous time and it was pretty good.. Do try to order this too..

Anyway here is my verdct


There’s some hits n missed overall, but you still can drop by here for a Hassel free fish head curry.

Block 203 hougang street 21 #01-45 S(530203)

Sabar Menanti 2

Ok! Good afternoon folks! Lunch time! Feeling damn hungry.. Woke up with a heavy urge to unload in the toilet bowl! After doing so… My mind was desperate, needy, hopeless! After finally recovering from a week thanks to a giant ulcer.. I was ready! To give the satisfaction I was craving! And so….

NASI PADANG!                                                   

I wanted a good one.. Not just those readily available at your hawker center downstairs or food court! But a good old fashion authentic nasi Padang! First thing that come in mind was Sabar Menanti 2!  Not to be confused, there is Sabar Menanti and there is Sabar Menanti 2! I chose the latter simply because of the ayam redang! (Ayam = chicken)   This is one of the best ayam redang I ever tasted! I can’t really pin point the taste.. But it’s a mix of like redang, and satay sauce.. It’s almost like they are infuse! Taste is more on the salty side.. But it’s balance out by the sweetness of the coconut and after taste of the spices! Chicken was probably pre-fried before hand.. Nonetheless, the chicken is tender and require little effort to break into.. I’ll usually get the recommendation is to ask for more gravy! Then spread all over the rice! U can even drink the gravy on its own.. I usually do that after everyone is done with their meal.. And they will all stare at me and say.. Don’t take too much.. High cholesterol.. ! Haha but I have to! It’s the ultimate reward after a week from having a giant ulcer!   

  Ayam redang 

I order the curry chicken which was very good too! Very lemak! But it’s not exactly spicy.. Low level spicy range.. Great for beginners.. Tasty, lemak, which again balance out the saltyness.. Order this if the chicken redang is not available.. Or order along side!  

 Chicken curry 

Next I try was the korma! This was I feel abit plain.. Lighter, somewhat abit diluted.. Would probably prefer a more thick gravy and solid ‘overtaste’! It’s probably good on its own, but after eating the heavier more strong taste items, this is somewhat forgettable.. It’s still a good chicken korma.. Good for non spicy eaters.. Kids too will probably love..  Go ahead and try this if it’s just for the sake of variety or for the kids.. Otherwise, stick to the two above..! 

  Ayam korma

Overall , one of the better nasi Padang I’ve tried.. To me, everything was tasty.. I have no complaints.. The queue wasn’t as crazy too.. Do pay a visit and try it for yourself.. I believe you will be as satisfied as I am! 

Taste 8/10

Add: 747 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198715 

6am to 5pm

Yummy Sarawak Kolo mee

Ok! My first post! And I have to be bias! Cause I’ve been patronizing this stall for years! There was once I’m like eating this noodle everyday.. Well at least 5 days a week..! Haha
Ok! Let’s start!
If u guys are expecting authentic Sarawak kolo mee, then this is not .. To be frank, I’ve never eaten from Sarawak, so I wouldn’t know.. But my friend told me that this is far from authentic.. Anyway…
This kolo mee is really localize! It comes across as a wanton mee infuse with Maggie mee! But let me tell u.. When u taste, it’s really unique.. It’s not wanton mee, n it’s certainly not Maggie mee.. There’s this after taste, which I feel that stands out.. I usually opt for the pork broth black sauce egg In lieu of the pork rip.. Cos I’m a egg lover! Yup! The char Siew is normal.. But the wanton n dumpling is good! U can taste the chest nut in the dumpling n feel the pork meat in the wanton.. The noodles is the highlight.. It’s really something out of the norm .. It’s is Q! N springy.. every bite u can feel the seasoning n the sauce that they put n mixed with the noodles!I would recommend this any time.. But unfortunately , this is a acquired taste .. If Ure hoping to try like a wonton mee, then this is not for you.. If Ure hoping to try a Sarawak kolo mee, then it’s not for you too.. But.. If Ure hoping to try something different with a nice salty after taste, then this is the one.. I usually recommend not having the auntie to ‘lum the black sauce all over’ but make your own call.. Some pple like it with black sauce all over n some not.. So mix n match! But let me warn u.. The queue could be long.. They are generally slow.. But probably they focus on presentation n u have to give and take..

Do give it a try! order the $5! ull be more than full!

Taste 8.5/10 bias points plus on form days!! 

7/10 on its off form days

Add: 137 Tampines street 11 (tampines round market) S(521137)

6am to 3pm! daily! 


$5 set meal!